Understand your data - how we can help you get the most from your assessments

Our assessment data can support you in many ways: from monitoring individuals and identifying year group and school-wide trends to developing learning targets and allocating resources, as well as for whole-school accountability and reporting.

We want our assessment data to inform your next steps for teaching and learning - and we are here to help you get everything you need from it.

Our friendly Assessment Insights team has over 35 years combined classroom experience and they are on hand to help you analyse and interpret your results so you can make the best use of your data to inform in-school actions. We also offer a wide range of webinars to help you understand your data.

Please take a look at the links below for further information. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. Please contact us on 1800 806 185 or email us at backtoschool@gl-assessment.ie