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Assessment in Focus

Access knowledge and insight into how assessments can help you.

“No matter how large a school is, how diverse the demographics of the student population, how high the percentage of children who have special educational needs or qualify for pupil premium – it is always possible to spot and help the ‘hard to spot’ if the right processes are in place.”Assessment in Focus, A guide to helping the ‘hard to spot’ children

Our free Assessment in Focus papers are a collection of relevant reports, research papers and best practice guidance from the UK and abroad.

Each paper focuses on a different key issue in education, drawing on insight and opinion from educational leaders, together with survey findings on how educationalists approach assessment.

Read articles from school leaders, educational psychologists and research bodies, collected together in each topic-specific paper.

What you gain:

  • Advice, top tips and best practice guidance for assessment application and intervention approaches
  • Insight into key issues reflected by educational policy and the system and how other schools are coping with the changes
  • Understanding as to how our assessments work in real-world settings and how the GL Assessment portfolio can support your school
  • Discover how data can be a liberating force, helping to identify patterns as well as individual skills