Regional Assessment Workshops

Work smart, not hard…

Whether you are a classroom teacher or Head of Department, our Regional Assessment Workshops give you the opportunity to really delve into your student data, focusing on report analysis and implementation strategies alongside other assessment professionals ensuring you are getting the most out of your assessments.

IMPORTANT: Our Regional Assessment Workshops are run using schools' own student assessment data. It is a requirement for all attending that reports for the required workshop are generated and brought along on the day.

Workshops available:

Five different workshops are available:


The Cognitive Abilities Test Assessment Workshop – Getting the best from CAT4

  • Highlighting potentially underachieving learners
  • Setting targets
  • Cognitive strength and weakness
  • Ensuring appropriate levels of challenge
PT series

The Progress Test Series Assessment Workshop – Getting the best from the PT Series

  • Monitoring and maximising progress
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and understanding
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of interventions
  • National benchmarking

The New Group Reading Test Assessment Workshop – Getting the best from NGRT

  • Monitoring effectiveness of interventions
  • Identifying different types of reading/comprehension difficulties
  • Monitoring reading performance and progress
  • Best communication with all stakeholders

For schools wanting to look at NGRT/NGST data together, we can offer a dedicated ‘English Bundle’ workshop.


The Pupil Attitudes to Self and School Assessment Workshop – Getting the best from PASS

  • Engaging with disengagement and absenteeism
  • Self-worth and aspiration
  • Fragile learners and resilience
  • ‘Painting the Big Picture’ - triangulation

The Kirkland Rowell Parental Survey Workshop – Getting the best from the KR Parental Survey Light

  • Analyse how parents perceive the school and its effectiveness
  • Plan integration of the information in to a school plan
  • Look at evidence to support school development


Each workshop is up to 2 hours long with refreshments provided. All training is facilitated by one of our expert GL associates.


Regional Assessment Workshops will explore:

  • Developing deeper knowledge and understanding of assessment terminology to better inform you on student strengths and needs
  • Examining sample assessment reports to provide strategies on analysis of your own schools student data
  • Internal data communication issues and expectations surrounding your student data
  • Providing comprehensive information for the best communication with students and other stakeholders
  • Experiences and challenges of assessment reporting with fellow attending professionals
  • How using a national benchmark supports – and works with – your professional judgement
  • How standardised assessment data will support you in providing rigorous data for Ofsted conversations

What others say about our workshops:

“It was great to discuss data with other users. I found out some other excellent ways to use data even further.”
Lucy Davies, The Firs School

“Trainer’s manner was superb: calm, quiet and excellent communication. Best course I’ve been on in years.”
Fiona Drye, Wellingborough Prep School

“Well delivered, with strong background knowledge to support and very impressive delivery.”
Tom Savill, Dulwich Prep School


One delegate: £100.00 per workshop.
Additional delegate: £50.00 - limited price.

If you think you may have already purchased training as part of your package, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to confirm.

An invoice will be sent before the workshop takes place.
All prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

Register your interest:

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