Welcome to our support page for our Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) measure

We want you to have the best experience of using PASS and making the best use of your results, and we hope this will provide you the key information you need as you get started.


We have created a series of short videos (less than seven minutes each) to help you through the process of making first use of PASS. The videos cover:

  • An overview of PASS and its administration
  • The importance and usefulness of the assessment, looking at samples of how your pupil data will be presented
  • How schools are using the data to support their pupils.

What is PASS?

What do the reports look like?

Why use PASS?

How are school using their PASS data?

Assessment Insight Sessions

Once you have your PASS data, why not join one of our assessment insight sessions? The sessions are led by a GL Assessment trainer and there are many locations to choose from.

Additional Support

You can also find a range of additional support materials on our main PASS webpage, including:

  • General information on attitudinal measures and test level age guides
  • Technical information including administration instructions


How are other schools using PASS?