Assessment Insight Session: CAT4 Training

Assessment Insight Session: CAT4 Training

Uncovering your pupils potential

Our Assessment Insight Session on CAT4 will allow you to examine the vital
implications and issues surrounding an Ability assessment:

  • Helping you to identify possible high flyers and those who may struggle with the cognitive demand of the curriculum
  • Informing the setting of targets and challenges for pupils and students
  • How CAT4 can help you to maximise Pupil Premium performance
  • Using Ability measurements to pinpoint coasting students and pupil underachievement
  • Personalising learning for pupils across all ability levels
  • Considering different cognitive learners and learning profiles to ensure maximum engagement

Reports required:

  • CAT4 Group Report for Teachers
  • Combination Report w/ Progress Test English & Progress Test Maths (If you generate this report you do not need to bring CAT4 Group Report for Teachers)
  • Individual Student Report for Teachers (choose a small sample of approximately 6 students)

*Sessions cost £100 for the first delegate and £50 per delegate after that. If you think you may have already purchased training as part of your package, please contact the Training team at or 0208 996 3624 to confirm.

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What others say about our workshops:

“It’s essential to understand the learning profile of your pupils. What are their strengths? What areas need development? What’s their natural way of learning? […] you must do this quickly; otherwise you’ll spend the first two terms on the back foot.”
Nigel Ward, Chief Executive, Northern Schools Trust

What you'll learn...

  • Assessment best practices
  • Detailed explanations of statistical terminology
  • How best to use your data