Data Triangulation Online Course 5 Week Version

Data Triangulation Online Course 5 Week Version

Sunday 04 November, 00:00 - Saturday 08 December, 00:00


A five week online course in data triangulation

This workshop is facilitated by Matthew Savage, Principal, The International Community School, Amman. Matthew has shared his experience of student-level data in different schools at conferences around the world and has delivered workshops on the effective use of data in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Overview of the course / structure / content

Week 1:

  • What is triangulation?
  • Attitudes - PISA and beyond
  • Introducing the PASS survey

Week 2:

  • The 9 PASS measures
  • Interpreting the PASS scores
  • Attitudinal mapping

Week 3:

  • Student Profiles
  • Case Studies
  • Next steps

Week 4:

  • Moving on to triangulation
  • Within PASS: domains, cars, quadrants
  • Between PASS and Aptitude/Attainment: triangulation models

Week 5:

  • This week’s lessons and forum discussions will explore the individual triangles of some actual students, enabling you to begin to ‘Mona Lisa’ their journeys together, developing strategies to apply in your own schools.

How does it work?

  • The course is delivered via an online portal
  • The course lasts five weeks and requires a commitment of up to 5 hours per week. Delegates can schedule their activity at times that are convenient for them, but should aim to engage early each week to take maximum advantage of the group dialogue.
  • Participants should be prepared to engage regularly throughout the course, including participation in forums and online tasks.
  • Your active contribution in these tasks and discussions is a pre-requisite of certification


Who Should Attend

Participants should:

  • Be confident and competent in the use of data, with a genuine interest in PASS and CAT4;
  • Be involved in the management and use of whole school, student-level data;
  • Have a genuine interest in student attitudes to learning;
  • Have an interest in and passion for the potential of student-level data to transform both learning and wellbeing;
  • Be able to commit up to 5 hours per week for 3 weeks for the online course;
  • Be prepared to engage regularly throughout the course, including regular participation in forums and online tasks.

Why Attend

  • Outstanding international schools now know that quality use of quality data is essential, but it can be difficult to take the plunge and dive into the data for the first time
  • The course will demystify this essential tool, and begin to enable colleagues to work autonomously and independently with a full range of student-level data in the interests of each individual student in their school
  • It will also enable participants to learn more about the PASS survey in order to evaluate its potential in their own school
  • Once a school has begun to tread the ‘data road’, it needs to grow its own data advocates and experts to maximise student-level impact. This will also ensure that the school’s use of data is sustainable in the long-term.



This course is now fully booked.

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What you'll learn...

  • This course equips participants to go beyond a basic level of knowledge and understanding in relation to the ‘data triangle’, and dig deeper to become experts in their own right.
  • The course will provide real and practical examples of #themonalisaeffect in action, and specific triangulation models which can be applied in their own school.