GL Education Data Consultations

GL Education Data Consultations

Wednesday 27 May, 07:00 - Wednesday 03 June, 19:00

As many schools are currently closed and staff are working remotely, we are now offering free one-to-one data consultations with our International Consultants to help you to maximise the insight from your CAT4 assessment data.

This guided analysis of your cohort data will help you to identify key groups of students to focus on, areas of the curriculum to reinforce and offer useful suggestions for next steps.

These sessions will be particularly suitable for middle leaders, heads of year and assessment co-ordinators who want to provide an additional layer of insight to their teachers, validate their own judgement and identify appropriate next steps for intervention or further assessment.

What will be covered

1. We will review your CAT4 data in advance of the session

2. We will identify actionable groups including Gifted and Talented; those likely to need additional support; EAL learners and provide some easy to implement guidance and classroom interventions to support each group

3. Identify those students in need of further screening or evaluation and what those next steps should be

4. Offer guidance to further reading and online resources

How to sign up

1. Choose your three preferences for the date and time* of your session by filling in the survey below

2. Within the next 48 hours (working days only), we will confirm your session and provide contact details for the consultant who will analyse your data.

3. Send your data (excel report and the Group Report for Teachers for the cohort you wish to discuss) to the consultant as soon as possible. 

4. The consultant will send you a link to join the session online and take notes

You can choose three times on the same day, or three times over the two different days. Please make sure you choose a minimum of three options, so that we can make sessions available to as many schools as possible. Please note that all times on the survey are UK times.

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