The Mona Lisa Effect

The Mona Lisa Effect

Saturday 30 September, 10:00 - 16:00

The English College Dubai are running a one day course that will guide school leaders in fully utilising the data from CAT4 and other standardised assessments to support teaching and learning throughout the school.

The event details and a link to the registration page are below:

The best schools offer a personalised learning approach which ensures that the entire learning experience is tailored to the strengths and needs of each individual student. They achieve this through the effective use of robust, standardised data on students’ aptitude, attainment and attitudes.

In this one day course we will explore this data triangle, focusing on the stories it tells and how, through smart and strategic interventions, we, as teachers, can change the endings. 

Come and learn about #themonalisaeffect, and how it can help catalyse and maximise both achievement and wellbeing for every student in your school.

Presenter: Matthew Savage, Acting Principal, The International Community School, Amman.

About the presenter

Currently Acting Principal at the International Community School (Jordan), and formerly Deputy Head of School at Bromsgrove International School, Matthew has previously been Secondary Principal at the International School Brunei and at Danube International School Vienna, where he gained experience of all three IB programmes. 

Matthew is a graduate of Oxford University, with 13 years of middle and senior leadership experience in the UK comprehensive sector, and is currently enrolled, under the supervision of Professor Stephen Heppell, on the EdD course at Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Media Practice.

Matthew is the founder of Polio Points, a unique student reward programme which incentivises student achievement within the IB Learner Profile through humanitarian aid. He is also a fierce advocate for Student Voice, on which he has published several articles and delivered training across Europe.

Through his passion for and expertise in the use of aptitudinal and attidudinal student-level data, Matthew has written widely and worked with schools across the world to ensure the available diagnostic and assessment tools are fully exploited to meet the teaching needs of the international school sector and the personalised learning needs of the international student.

Who should attend?

The course is suitable for principals, senior leaders and data 'leads' in primary and/or secondary schools.


Registrations for this event are now closed. 


Matthew Savage was totally inspirational, without being the hollow charismatic drum, and highly informative. His own pedagogic method was startlingly good.

Dr Peter Davies, Principal, Greenwood House School, Lagos, Nigeria; Consultant in Leadership and School Development


I would recommend Matthew to any school looking at their current use of testing data or considering introducing standardised testing as a means to work towards greater school improvement.

Helen Sharrock, Primary Principal, Mercedes Benz International School, Pune, India

What you'll learn...

  • The Mona Lisa Effect - digging for treasure on the student data road
  • Balancing the Car - improving achievement through aptitude (CAT4) and attainment data
  • What Lies Beneath - measuring and supporting student attitudes to learning
  • Teach Meet - group discussions about current and future data use in schools
  • Student Stories - using student data profiles to change trajectories
  • How Mona Lisa Are You? - an interactive, team quiz