Westminster Education Forum

Westminster Education Forum

Thursday 07 December, 08:30 - 13:00

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the next steps for reform to primary assessment and the implications for accountability. Our Chief Executive, Greg Watson, will be speaking on the panel discussing ‘School readiness, proposals to introduce a reception baseline and improving the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile’.

It follows the recently closed government consultation and the recently published Education Select Committee inquiry into the purpose, benefits and drawbacks of testing at primary level since the removal of national curriculum levels.

Timed to follow government’s expected response to the consultation later this year, the conference will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss key priorities for implementation.

Attendees will consider proposals to introduce a baseline test for children in reception to measure progress throughout primary school and improve the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) to develop the most effective way of measuring ‘school readiness’.

Planned sessions also look at proposals to reform testing at Key Stage one and two including the possible ending of statutory status for Key Stage one assessment, the potential implications for school accountability and the collection of teacher assessment data and national curriculum test data at the end of Key Stage two. They will also discuss the greater degree of flexibility in the marking of English writing proposed through the introduction of a ‘best fit’ approach.

Further discussion will focus on the implementation of recommendations made by the Rochford Review, which considered statutory assessment arrangements for pupils working below the standard of national curriculum tests.