Published on: 15 Jan 2018

We found the New Group Reading Test more accurate than the SATS in assessing students’ strengths and weaknesses. SATS just give us a number. The test gives us details on the areas we need to focus on.

Gaining deeper insight into reading skills

Gaurav Dubay, Head of English at King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys in Birmingham, reviews our New Group Reading Test in the January issue of Special Children magazine.


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Five tips to help your students to become better learners

The importance of developing children's skills of self-regulation, and shares her strategies for how to do this

The middle child: Analysing data in an EAL context

The importance of maintaining a focus on literacy within the curriculum has never been far away from the government’s agenda and anyone working within education would agree that developing strong literacy skills are key to a student’s success, particularly as external examinations consist of written papers.

Changing behaviour: A big ask?, Dr Glen Williams

With over 20% of teachers considering leaving the profession with worsening student behaviour as a main reason, Dr Glen Williams examines how surveying pupils' attitudes can help improve behaviour in schools

GL Assessment launches the UK’s first digital, adaptive spelling test

GL Assessment has today published a termly, standardised spelling test which is designed to help teachers measure their pupils’ spelling skills against a national benchmark. The first digital, adaptive spelling test of its kind, the New Group Spelling Test is designed for pupils aged 6 – 14 years and is suitable for use on a PC or tablet.