ISEB Common Pre-Tests

The Common Pre-Tests are taken when a pupil is in Year 6 or Year 7 and are a standardised measure of ability and attainment. We have developed the tests in partnership with the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB). Both online and adaptive, the tests include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. They are in a multiple-choice format and take about two-and-a-half hours to complete and can be taken together or at separate times either in the candidate's own school or at the senior school for which he or she is entered.

Other key features of the tests are:

  • Candidates are registered by the senior school (or schools) for which he or she is entered
  • Results are available to all senior schools which register candidates, so a child need only sit the test once for a range of senior schools
  • Full technical support is given to schools which use the tests
  • The tests are unique to ISEB and are standardised for the independent sector

The Common Pre-Tests are designed to give senior independent schools information about pupils' attainment and potential, prior to them taking Common Entrance in Year 8.


  • Marking and the publication of results are both done electronically
  • Each candidate has a Standard Age Score (SAS) which is based on the number of questions answered correctly; the score is adjusted for age and placed on a scale which makes a comparison with a standardisation sample taken from the independent schools sector; the average is 100
  • Reports give individual stanine, percentile rank and group rank scores, together with mean SASs


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