The Questions

There are three sections that measure literacy, language and mathematics on entry and, optionally, again at the end of Reception. The assessment takes under 25 minutes to complete and each section can be completed in one session or separate sessions depending on the pupil. The optional end of Reception assessment is delivered in two short sessions. The teacher controls the audio and progression of each question, ensuring every pupil is assessed in the same way. At the end of each section, the pupil's answers are automatically sent to your online account.

Language and Communication

A range of questions for grammar, vocabulary and understanding. There are two scales assessing expression and comprehension.


The teacher taps on the audio icons, which trigger a friendly voice to play through the pupil’s tablet.  In this example, the pupil taps their answer to the question “Point to ‘he’s sitting’”. Their answer feeds into the teacher’s tablet.

Phoneme Awareness

Removing an initial or final sound from a word and identifying initial or final sounds from a pseudo-word.

Here, the pupil answers orally to the question "Say Parrot without the /p/". The teacher marks the pupil's answer on their tablet.


Counting, simple calculations, and language for maths.

In this question, the pupil is asked to find five big fish and can select multiple answers on the same screen. Again, the answer automatically feeds through to the teacher's tablet.