CAT4 buying guide

There are two formats of CAT4 - CAT4 (paper version) and CAT4 Digital. In this buying guide, you can find out what is compulsory in order to administer CAT4 as well as recommended products which will help you analyse your CAT4 data.

Guide contents:

  • CAT4 Paper administration and scoring
  • CAT4 Digital administration and scoring
  • Analysing your CAT4 results
  • Trialling CAT4 before buying

CAT4 (paper version) administration and scoring

To administer CAT4 using the paper format, you will need to buy the items below for the right age group (find out which CAT4 level you need):

  • Student Booklets: where pupils read the questions from
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Answer Sheets: pupils mark their answers on these
  • Scoring Service: On completion of the test, the administrator fills out a Group Header Sheet (included in answer sheet packs) for each test group. Both the Answer Sheets and Group Header Sheet are submitted to GL Assessment for the computerised scoring service.

Schools have the option of purchasing our Overprinting Service, which delivers Answer Sheets pre-printed with pupils' information, to save time during administration and the scoring process.

CAT4 Paper How many do I need? Can I re-use this?
Student booklets (A-G)* 1 per pupil Multiple use
OMR Answer sheets (A-G)* 1 per pupil Single use
Scoring service (A-G)* 1 per pupil Single use
Teacher Guide Pack** 1 per school Multiple use
Overprinting service 1 per pupil Single use

*Compulsory purchase
**Highly recommended

CAT4 Digital administration and scoring

To administer CAT4 Digital, you only need to buy administration for each pupil you would like to test. You will need to buy the relevant level for the age group you are testing (find out which CAT4 level you need). 

As a new customer, you will be set up with an account on Testwise, our online testing platform, by customer services. For full details on setting up an account, take a look at our Testwise Account Set up instructions.

Full details of how to administer the digital version of CAT4 can be found in the Teacher Guide Pack. This is not compulsory but is highly recommended for new and existing users of CAT4. You can also download our guide to administrating CAT4 Digital.

CAT4 Digital How many do I need? Can I re-use this?
Individual Administrations (Levels A-G)* 1 per pupil
(Minimum of 10
Single use
Teacher Guide Pack** 1 per school Multiple use

*Compulsory purchase
**Highly recommended

Analysing your CAT4 results

Users of CAT4 will automatically receive a Group report for teachers as part of GL Assessment’s Scoring and Reporting Service. The Group report for teachers provides a group level analysis of the selected group or cohort of pupils. Find out about the additional CAT4 reports that are available.

Trialling CAT4 before buying

If you would like to review CAT4 before purchasing everything you need to administer the test, you can buy our evaluation packs which contain sample questions and explain the reports.

CAT4 Paper How many do I need? Can this be re-used?
Evaluation Pack Primary 1 per school Multiple use
Evaluation Pack Secondary 1 per school Multiple use

Contact us to get free trial tests to take a look at real reports generated from your own selected pupils or watch our CAT4 Digital demo to see how the assessment is seen from the eyes of the pupil.

Test level age guide

A quick guide to CAT4 levels

CAT4 is available at seven different levels of difficulty. The tests have been developed in an overlapping, progressive format and are referred to as levels A to G. Levels X and Y refer to CAT4 Young Learners.

The target year group and age range covered by the norms for each test level are shown in the table below.

CAT4 Level Standardised Age Group Year group
X 6:00-7:11 1st Class
Y 7:00-8:11 2nd Class
Level A 7:06-9:11 2nd or 3rd Class
Level B 8:06-10:11 3rd or 4th Class
Level C 9:06-11:11 4th or 5th Class
Level D 10:06-12:11 5th or 6th Class
Level E 11:06-13:11 End of 6th Class and Early 1st Year
Level F 12:06-15:11 2nd or 3rd Year
Level G 14:06-17:00+ 4th or 5th Year

 Schools are recommended to use the level of CAT4 shown for the year group they want to assess. This is particularly important if the school results are being combined with those from other schools for whatever reason.