CAT4 scoring and reporting

A flexible support programme for CAT4 customers

Our CAT4 Scoring & Reporting Services help schools develop a comprehensive understanding of CAT4, the data available and how it can be used by teachers, senior leaders, pupils and parents.

To enable customers to choose a level of support that best suits their own specific requirements, three kinds of support are available:

CAT4 Workshops

Suitable for:

  • School groups of up to 20 delegates
  • School clusters, federations and academy chains
  • New and existing users of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
  • Use at an INSET day or as a twilight session.

We have developed two half-day workshops that can be tailored to the individual needs of the school/school cluster - the Introductory Workshopand the Intermediate Workshop.

CAT4 Introductory Workshop

Suitable for all school staff, including those that may or may not be familiar with CAT4.

This workshop provides a complete overview of CAT4; delegates will develop an understanding of the benefits of CAT4 and the data it provides, alongside the importance of its use in schools. The facilitator will provide a detailed walk through of a sample Group report for teachers, with the opportunities to apply to schools own data, including:

  • The examination of non-verbal, verbal, quantitative and spatial subtest results and the implications of low scores and relative differences
  • The identification of pupils, or groups of pupils, for interventions and/or support (Gifted and Talented groups and wider Special Needs groups)
  • The use of individual profile reports and the comparison of demographic group datasets
  • Identification of a pupil’s learning profile, exploring possible implications for teaching and learning
  • Indicators of future performance at the end of Key Stages 2, 3 and 4, GCSE, A-level and Scottish Standard Grades (as applicable to the group).

CAT4 Intermediate Workshop

For middle and senior leaders with strategic responisibilities and some prior experience of using CAT.

The session provides a thorough examination of sample sets of CAT4data and reports, enabling customers to apply the same analysis techniques to their own school’s data. Attendees also benefit from explanations of statistical terminology and clarification on who should receive their CAT4 data, when and for what purpose. Additional analysis at group and individual level will be also be explored.

The session will also consider CAT4 data alongside the wider data available to the school; such as attainment, attendance and behaviour, including:

  • Its use alongside other standardised data, such as FFT
  • Setting a baseline for the ‘value added’ by the school
  • Monitoring change over time and intake ability against national standards
  • Improvement priorities and appropriate intervention and support strategies.

CAT4 Workshop Pricing

£500 + VAT - 2.5 - 3.5 hours (Half-day)

Group session for up to 10 participants (Additional participants £50 up to a maximum of £750, maximum group size 20)

CAT4 Consultancy Service

Suitable for senior leaders with a good understanding of their CAT4 data. The service provides an even deeper and more strategic level of analysis than the workshops. 

As part of the service, schools are partnered with a skilled and experienced facilitator who works closely with the School Leadership Team (SLT) to analyse in detail the priorities, strategies and processes that address the key questions arising from CAT4 data and reports.

The CAT4 Consultancy Service cannot be carried out unless the school has purchased the ‘CAT4 Summary report for senior leaders’ and the ‘Summary presentation for senior leaders’, simply because this is essential in forming a basis for the service. Please the see CAT4 Consultancy Service pricing for more details.

Schools will receive an email or phone call prior to a school visit to check preliminary thinking and agree priorities. Once a date has been agreed, a follow-up onsite meeting of up to three hours will take place with the facilitator and key SLT to prioritise strategies and actions including:

  • a detailed and challenging discussion on the schools strategy, especially for identifying and meeting the needs of individual learners
  • consideration of other evidence available to the school
  • exploration of the effectiveness of current strategies and actions and how they might be improved.

In addition a post meeting summary will be put together by the facilitator outlining agreed actions and priorities.

Should the school wish to include additional product data (e.g. PASS, PiE,PiM and NGRT) please note that this will require additional costs to reflect the additional preparation time required.

CAT4 Consultancy Service Pricing

£695 + VAT - up to 3 hour meeting and post-meeting summary

This is designed as a one-to-one service between an experienced facilitator and a couple of key members of the senior leadership team.

Price includes Summary report for senior leaders and the Summary presentation for senior leaders. If these have already been purchased their cost can be offset against the price of the CAT4 Consultancy Service.

In addition, schools are taking up the CAT4 Gold Bundle offer will receive a discounted price for the CAT4 Consultancy Service.