PASS Ireland pilot study

Until August 2017 we are offering schools the opportunity to trial PASS as part of a pilot study. This includes 2 surveys and reports over a 1 year contract to enable you to survey the entire school to set your baseline, put your interventions in place and then re-survey to measure the impact of the interventions by comparing the two reports. This will also allow us to gather data in order to develop Irish norms for PASS.

What is included?

When you sign up to this pilot, you will receive:

  • 1 year contract with two whole school surveys
  • Access to PASS Digital on our online testing platform, Testwise
  • 1 year subscription to the downloadable version of PASS, which is used offline to re-survey individuals or small groups
  • 1 year subscription to the online intervention system.

What will I need to do?

Once you are set up with your surveys, you will be encouraged to follow these steps:

  1. Survey the whole school: Survey every pupil in your school with the PASS survey
  2. Analyse the data: Results can be collated to reveal whole class and entire school learner climate as well as attitudes of individual pupils. Read more about PASS reports.
  3. Inform your intervention strategies: Use results to help provide suggested intervention strategies for individuals as well as the overall cohort by using the online intervention system to access around 2,000 possible strategies.
  4. Re-survey to measure the effectiveness of your intervention strategies: Run the PASS survey for a second time with the school/cohort at least 10-12 weeks after the first survey was run and then compare the two reports to measure the changes in attitudes.

GL Assessment will request the data from your pilot study for analysis in order to develop Irish norms for PASS.

How much?

The price for being included in the pilot study is listed below. This price cover every pupil in the school irrespective of pupil numbers:

PASS pilot post-primary: €599.00*

How do I sign up?

You can sign up to the pilot study in a number of ways: