Progress Test Series Scoring

Returning your completed tests

1. Fill in your Batch Header Sheet. You can download a copy for PTM here, PTE here and PTS here. On the Batch Header Sheet, a school needs to provide contact details, the level of test being returned (one BHS per level), the date of testing, year group and class title details and the exact number of pupils tested. The sheet itself is easy to fill out, with a number of multiple choice options than need to be filled in clearly using pencil. Once filled in the sheet is firmly attached to the front of the batch of booklets and the information on it will allow us to score and process your results accurately and efficiently.

2. Once you have ordered your booklets and before the tests have been taken, we will ask you to complete a data file containing pupil details. This will enable us to score the tests quickly and accurately. You can download the data file for PTM PTE and PTS data file here. Below are guidance notes on completing it correctly.

The file also asks you to complete an estimated test date and estimated date on which you will return the booklets to us. Completing this will enable us to plan for the scoring of your booklets efficiently.

3. Return your data file to us. You have two options for this:

  • Using your TRS login – select ‘Securely send and receive’ from the main menu
  • Send via protected Excel document to Please note we are unable to accept emailed data files that are not encrypted due to our Data Protection Policy.

To password protect an Excel 2010 file, please select  File tab > Info > Protect Workbook > Encrypt Document

To password protect an Excel 2013 file, please select the Microsoft Office button > Prepare > Encrypt Document

4. Return your pupil booklets to us, via a tracking service to:

GL Assessment PT Team
DRS Bureau Division
42/43 Potters Lane
Kiln Farm
Milton Keynes
MK11 3HQ

5. Once we have received both your complete data file and pupil booklets we can begin the scoring process.


Please note: the turnaround time for scoring is 15 working days after the receipt of both data file and pupil booklets. This excludes weekends and bank holidays.


Completing the data file:

Column Name Notes
A Expected test date The date you expect to test. The actual test date for each pupil should be written on the test booklet. 
B Expected return date The date you expect to return the booklets to us. 
C DfE Your 7-digit DfE number. Do not use a hyphen or slash
D School Name Your school name
E Surname Pupil surname
F Forename Pupil forename
G Date of Birth Pupil date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY with slashes, not hypens or dots (especially important for age-standardised tests).
H Test Level The test level is written as a number, e.g. for PTE8, write 8. 
I Gender Pupil gender - F or M
J Unique puil number Assign each pupil a unique number, ideally their school UPN. This enables you to track progress. 
K Reg. Group Pupil registration, class or tutor group. 
L Year Pupil year group written as a number, e.g. 7.
M Free School Meals Is the pupil entitled to free school meals? For primary schools in England and Wales, you could use this column instead for Pupil Premium/Deprivation Grant information. Use Y or N only. This field is optional
N Ethnic Group

The pupil's ethnic group (optional).

O Special Educational Needs Pupil's SEN status (optional). 
P EAL Is the pupil's first language not English? (optional)
Q-U Custom 1-5

These fields can be used to include other information to be reported on. E.g. pupil's maths set or Pupil Premium/Deprivation Grant status (optional).


Paying for returning Progress Test Series pupil booklets

If you have purchased our Progress Test Series in the paper format, you will need to pay for sending back your pupil booklets to GL Assessment for scoring. As soon as we are in receipt of your booklets and a correctly completed data file, the Scoring & Reporting department can commence marking which may take up to 15 working days to score your results.

Saving money on postage

To ensure this process is as cost effective as possible you can use a number of services.

The table below shows estimated prices of a range of postage suppliers including VAT for customers in the UK as of July 2015.

Weight band My Hermes Yodel Royal Mail
Between 0-1kg £2.98 £11.99 £2.80
Between 1-2kg £3.98 £11.99 £4.89
Between 2-5kg £5.99 £11.99 £13.75
Between 5-10kg £7.69 £11.99 £20.25
Between 10-15kg £9.98 £11.99 £27.19
Between 15-20kg n/a £11.99 £28.55
Between 20-25kg n/a £11.99 £43.78

You can get more accurate quotes online:

Please note: other postage services are available.