PTE reports

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One of the most exciting features of the new series is the brand new suite of reports. These provide comprehensive, rich data and are tailored for different audiences.

The reports are designed for easy interpretation; with clear narrative and straightforward graphs. Digital users will receive instant reports, while paper customers will use our Scoring and Reporting Service. All users will receive our full range of reports, including:

  • Group report for teachers (available in PDF and Excel format)
  • Individual student report for teachers
  • Individual report for parents

A cluster report can be purchased at an additional cost.


Download the PTE sample report here

The Group report for teachers: 

This provides a group level analysis of a selected cohort of pupils. It is intended for use by any practitioner, class teacher, head of year or SENCO. The report will include:

  • Scores for the group - highlighting pupil names and key scores, such as Standard Age Score, national percentile rank, their maths level and more.
  • Levels - For England and Wales reports will show NC levels. For Scotland, levelling information relates to the CfE. For Northern Ireland, levels of progression are reported with a single level reported. 
  • Stanines - for PTE these offer a stanine for Reading Comprehension and English Skills, allowing for a meaningful comparison to be made
  • Analysis for the group - this makes comparison with the national sample, can be analysis of group scores, by gender, ethnicity, SEN, EAL or any two custom fields.
  • Analysis by Curriculum Content Category 
  • Analysis of scores by question
  • Progress Profile - where pupils have taken a test in the previous year.

Individual Student report for teachers:

This provides an in-depth analysis of an individual pupil's results, along with any implications this may have on teaching and learning. The report includes:

  • Individual score - this includes a breakdown of scores for each pupils including their Standard Age Score, stanine, goup rank and levels as shown in the Group report for teachers
  • Profile summary - For PTE this includes a scattergram and allocates the pupil to one of three profiles: reading comprehension bias, balanced profile or English Skill profile. This relates to the separate stanines for reading comprehension and English skills
  • Analysis by Curriculum content category
  • Implications for teaching and learning - based on the pupil's scores, narrative  outlines how the pupil can be best supported to ensure they make the best progress possible. 

Individual report for parents:

This report provides an overview of the test to ensure parents are aware of what the test contains and why their child has taken it. It also gives a snapshot of where their child's strengths and weaknesses lie, this is designed to aid communication with parents and can be used to reinforce learning activities at home. The report includes:

  • Scores - scores may be included in full, as a bar chart, or omitted where required. 
  • Analysis of Curriculum Content category
  • Description of scores - a short narrative around the results, as well as suggestions as to how learning could be helped from home
  • Description of progress - where a test has been administered a previous year, a description of progress will be included. This will categorise the progress made as above average, average or below average, and give a short description. This moves seamlessly into the narrative which helps parents understand their child's performance.