Support Videos

Welcome to the new support videos, these have been developed to help you to get the most from your assessments.

The videos are in small focussed chunks so that these can meet your needs at the most appropriate time e.g. watch the video “How to Administer the test?” as you are preparing to administer, watch the video “What does the data mean?” when you are generating and analysing the reports.

A short guide to standardised assessment

Explores Standardised Assessments and why these are important, together with insight from schools' perspectives.

A student case study

Explores a case study looking at a range of data for one sample student looking at progress over time.

Admin overview

This focusses on the key aspects of administration within the new Testwise - managing; students, sittings and reports

Testwise Support

Looking for online testing or Testwise support? Click here

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