Testwise Roundup – July 2017

It’s been a busy month for Testwise, our online testing platform. In fact over 1 million tests have now been run through Testwise since we relaunched it on 4 April. During that time we have been working with customers and gathering feedback on your experiences, so that we might ensure you get the best experience possible.

We have already issued fixes and updates around the following areas – click the item for more information

Updates coming soon

The following changes are in development and will be released ready for September:

Bulk update of student bank records

A number of schools have asked for the ability to update a greater number of student records at the same time.

Ability to load more than 20 student records at a time on a page

This will be increased to 100 from September.

Increase sitting size to 300 students

We are aware that the sittings limit of 100 students is causing additional administrative work for some schools and will therefore be increasing the sitting size to 300 from September

Updates and fixes already released


We identified functionality problems when using Chromebooks to take assessments. We have investigated and tested this issue and can confirm that the problem has now been resolved.

Progress Test Maths

We identified an intermittent problem with the drag and drop functionality that was affecting a limited number of questions. We can confirm that these issues have now been resolved.

Access codes

We take data security very seriously and have consequently introduced access codes in order to meet incoming data security regulations and further protect your student data. Having a unique access code greatly reduces the risk of a data breach.

The process of issuing access codes is also a simpler and quicker process for students.

Some schools have commented that access codes have increased their admin time needed to set up the tests. To help with this we have now added the ability to download/export all the access codes into an excel sheet where you can search and sort them, for instance by name, class group, test, in order to make it easier to issue and implement them.

We are also working on increasing the size limit of sittings, to further reduce admin time – see above.

Combination reports

We became aware of an issue that was been preventing a few customers from running combination reports – a fix was deployed last week. You should now be able to run your combination reports once more and include data from tests taken prior to April 2017.

Reports timing out

The number of assessments being run through the platform was significantly higher than we had anticipated during May. This meant that some customers found their reports were taking more time to generate than usual, or were timing out. We have subsequently increased server capacity which we believe has resolved these issues, but we will continue to monitor the situation.

Maintenance closures

You may have noticed that we have taken Testwise down for essential maintenance a couple of times. Going forward we will always email you in advance to notify you of any closures so you can work around them, and there will be a notice on the Testwise login page as a further reminder.


What to do if you need help

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