It was exactly what we needed to help us deal with the huge and time-consuming process of assessing over 1,000 students every year. It really has been a time saver of extraordinary value.
Assessment Co-ordinator, Surrey

Lucid Exact Quick Reference Guide

  • Age range: 11-24 Years
  • Suitable for: Teachers, Assessment Co-ordinators and SENCOs
  • Test duration: 30-40 minutes
  • Test format: Digital

Lucid Exact

  • Exactly the most comprehensive literacy assessment!
  • Exactly the easiest and most affordable assessment solution!
  • Exactly the best tool for busy secondary teachers!

Lucid Exact is a widely used tool for assessment, screening and for assessment for exam access arrangements.

Lucid Exact provides comprehensive assessment of literacy from age 11 to 24.

Lucid Exact meets JCQ requirements and is the time efficient solution for assessments for exam access arrangements. All of the tests in Lucid Exact can be used for access arrangements in 'painting a picture' but only some of the tests can be used as 'core evidence' - see the guidelines.

Please note that JCQ do not approve or endorse individual tests and that no single test can provide all assessments required for access arrangements. For details of meeting JCQ requirements see FAQ, and the Manual. (Please note that JCQ Access Arrangements Regulations and Guidance specify that assessment for exam access purposes should be carried out by a specialist teacher or psychologist. Other JCQ information and forms including Form 8 can be found on the official JCQ website.


Lucid Exact provides precise standardised assessment of:

  • Word recognition/reading accuracy*
  • Reading comprehension**
  • Reading speed**
  • Spelling**
  • Writing to dictation*
  • Keyboarding to dictation*

*For access arrangements this test can be used as part of 'painting the picture' - see guidelines
**For access arrangements this test can be used for 'core evidence' or as part of 'painting the picture' - see guidelines

Quality features of Lucid Exact:

  • Nationally standardised norms
  • Easy to administer
  • Takes about 30-40 minutes
  • Two parallel forms for repeated assessment
  • Results in standard scores and percentiles

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